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postheadericon Mind Paintings II…Coming Soon!

Mind Paintings II

While the trick has been around in various forms for many years, we are pleased to announce its newest revision! Several years ago, one of the best selling projects we did with magic Wagon was a piece entitled Mind Paintings. I wanted a different take on a classic mentalism piece where the performer could theme the subject matter to the venue he or she was playing. The concept was four miniature picture frames where the performer can insert their own picture or painting.  The original piece came with black and white icons of musical instruments. These icons could be removed and replaced with any picture the mentalist could conjure up in their mind. Thus, I felt Mind Paintings was the perfect name for this remake.

The newest take on this piece will be slightly redesigned. Furnished in Teak wood, the picture frames included will be miniature portraits of Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Salvador Dali and Pierre Auguste Renoir, allowing you to perform this piece immediately after receiving it. Of course, like the original, the portraits can be removed and replaced with any pictures you have in mind. The box measures approximately 5.1″ (14cms) square by 3.14″ (8cms) high. It’s ideal for formal close-up and parlor performances.

The effect:

A small wooden box is displayed and opened revealing a tray containing four different portraits of the performer’s choosing. The performer then removes the tray and shows that the box is clearly empty. A velvet bag containing a prediction is then placed inside the box and the tray is replaced. Now, the spectator is asked to freely select their favorite portrait and then write down the catalog number on the back side of the frame. The performer now lifts the tray and clearly shows the velvet bag that was previously placed inside the box. The prediction is now removed by the spectator and read out aloud. Amazingly, the prediction matches the portrait chosen including its catalog number!

•  The prediction was indeed placed inside the box BEFORE the spectator makes her selection!
•  The spectator has a completely free choice of the four portrait displayed! No force!
•  The effect can be immediately repeated with a different outcome!

Production began about two weeks ago and we’re expecting them to arrive here in about four weeks. We will send an email and post it on the Trickery website as soon as we know they are on the way. As with most of the nicer items we’ve produced over the last 19 years, the quantities are limited. If you have questions, please call Howard at 973-657-0446.

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