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Appear Wand from The Trickery Magic ShopA wand is a thin, straight, hand-held stick of wood, stone, ivory, or metal. Generally, in modern language, wands are ceremonial and/or have associations with magic.

In our industry, the wand is key to creating the magic. It directs the energy used to make something magical happen. Depending on the magician’s presentaion, it is the source for the Magi’s powers or it channels the Magi’s power to a particular place.

For years I’ve stocked an item simply called the Appearing Wand. A wand would magically appear from nowhere. Another presentation may have a silk scarf visibly and instantly turning into a magic wand.

A few years ago these wands were made from metal and while they very well, they often the the hands of the magician dirty with an oily residue. We recently brought in a different style of wand. This is made from metal and it never ever leave any residue or oily film on your hands or the scarf. The beautiful thing about this newer version is that it is smaller than its predicessor. This makes it absolutely perfect for bare-handed productions. I use old cigarette moves to conceal the wand in its collapsed position. My hands are small and the new wand is hidden without effort. Of course you can still attach a scarf for a Silk to Wand type of effect.

Two years ago I was hired for a week long engagement at a theater in Philadelphia. One segment was an elaborate Do-As-I Do routine with an audience member. When their scarf didn’t react magically like my scarf, I turned my scarf into a magic wand, took hold of their scarf and with aid of the magic wand caused their scarf to come alive in my hand!

If you work parlor or stage events, and of course kid shows, this new version Appearing Wand is a perfect addition to your act.

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