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The Trickery - 1 Second 'til Launch!

Last night at midnight, the new Trickery website was officially launched! Rose and I spent Thanksgiving evening with family in Philadelphia. At 9:30 we cut out to make the mad two hour dash back to the New York Metro area to be there for the launch. We somehow made it with 40 minutes to spare.

When preparing for the countdown my original plans were to man the helm and manually change the coming soon page go to the live site. Fear that we wouldn’t make it in time had me create an automated script that would redirect the visitors to the new site once the countdown timer reach 0 seconds. It was exciting to watch this happen!

Many people were on hand for the virtual launch party. One of my Facebook friends, magician, Matthew Miller, was one of the spectators on hand for the midnight launch. A few minutes after blast-off, the screen capture you see here was posted to my wall. I didn’t even think to capture this myself. This for me, was one of those magical moments that topped the actual redirect.

For years I’ve always said it’s not about the magic tricks, it’s about the magic of people and friends!

Thank you, Matthew, for making The Trickery’s Launch Party more magical than I imagined!

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