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Booklet of LifeIt’s been three years since the onset of the recession. Quite a bit has changed in the magic industry as well as my personal life. As I look back on past articles I’ve written, many of my predictions have come to be. Lots of magic shops have closed their doors, the distributors have lowered their inventory levels and have phased out much of their product line. Newsletters from magic dealers come with more frequency and close-out prices. I’ve seen emails begging and pleading for sales. It’s still pretty bad out there.

We’ve decided to hold off on sending newsletters indefinitely.

That’s a bold decision my part, but one that I  feel strongly about. I stated a moment ago that I see our competitors blasting out emails on a daily and weekly basis in an effort to survive. I also think that constant bombarding of things that can’t be afforded at the present time by most people is… well…kind of rude. While I will continue to promote certain items and share news events, it will only be done through Trickery Talk.

While the above words seems bleak, negative situations always create positive reactions.

What’s that mean for The Trickery?

When we shifted our focus from carrying over 3000 items and stocking them all to concentrating on our own items and select product lines from other vendors, our profitability jumped from 10% to 60%. While our gross sales have fallen, we’re still netting more monies at the end of the day. All good stuff! While you’ve noticed more out of stocks than usual and less updating of new items, you’ll begin to see some changes throughout our site over the next several months.

To answer a question I’ve been asked many times recently…We are NOT closing our virtual doors, nor do we plan to that ever! It simply doesn’t make sense to focus primarily on The Trickery until the American economy begins to revive itself. We have no problem holding our own and keeping a low profile until it does so. When the time is right, we have an incredible new line of highly collectible magic tricks that we will unleash in a big way. We’re quietly active behind the scenes as some of my greatest projects are slowly being brought to fruition. 

To generate new cash flow streams, my attentions turned to my other business and passion, WebAuthorings. I create custom designs and web systems for the Internet, as well as print ad graphics, audio, video and a slew of other services for small and medium businesses. is doing very nicely and growing substantially. We are migrating more than 75 domains and clients sites over the next several weeks to 5 Cloud servers. We’ve also created customized ecommerce systems for 3 very well known manufacturers of finer magic. You can see some of our work at

On a personal note, I’ve started chemo treatments several weeks ago. Round 3 begins early April @ New York Presbyterian. Each round is made up of 5 sessions, Monday through Friday. It’s working beautifully so far. Treatment will take me into early July. I also joined Weight Watchers because apparently chemo just wasn’t enough! Already down 12 lbs in 5 weeks! The short term goal is by July to be cancer-free and 30 lbs lighter. The majority of cancer is now gone from my body. The lymph nodes have mostly dissipated or reduced significantly in size. Slightly better results than my oncologist anticipated this soon! And my skinny jeans are lose! Yay!

I’m becoming more involved with performing and spending quite a bit of time putting together a presentation interspersed with magic that one of my partners and I will shop around for financial backing and hopefully production.   

If you want to contact me with any magic related questions, please call me in the morning hours at 973.657.0446. For web related questions please call 973.657.0447 anytime during business hours EST.

Rose and I wish all of you well and look forward to serving your magical needs …and possibly your web related needs!

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