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postheadericon 2010’s Final Curtain

A look back on a decade and a half. We’ve done a lot of cool innovative things over the years. I always seem to reflect on life this time of year. A great many friends were made through The Trickery as well an incredible customer base throughout the world. For starting out doing flea markets with only 35 items and a $1000 investment, we did well!

One of the kids that used to buy from was Brian. His parents would drive him to our studio to pick out tricks he liked. Years later, Brian conned his school into doing an internship with us. I can’t help but think of Kramerica! Those of you who are Seinfeld fans will appreciate the reference! After the internship, Brian worked at The Trickery for a couple of years before heading off to scool in PA. In 2011, Rose and I are attending Brian’s wedding.  Man! How the time flies!

Shari’s kids are now taller than me…though, sadly, most people are! Don is retired. Jason settled down with a girl, kids and a new puppy. Chris is finishing school. Amanda is now living on the west coast. Rose now works for Tiffany & Co and helps in the mornings with The Trickery.

My focus is split between The Trickery & WebAuthorings. The web development business is growing as quickly as The Trickery did in its early stages. And of course, when I find the time, I still perform.

Enough of my rambling! I will leave you with the video below. Have a happy, healthy holiday and a great new year!

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