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postheadericon The GWB is Here!

“The Ghost WriterÂ’s Box, by Howard Baltus, has me very excited! When I first saw it I couldn’t believe the craftsmanship. Not only is the box itself a work of art, but the design and applications have my mind working overtime with ideas for it! Between the box and the included cloth bag, which stands alone as another utility device, you can create countless applications for the apparatus. If you are a serious performer, then you need to know this is a serious device, designed and built by a serious magician for serious work.”
Richard Osterlind
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Far beyond the scope of Spirit Slates!

Key notes:

  • +You are not limited to cards as a prediction. Our routines suggest many other concepts that are very strong for any audience.
  • +Includes 2 brand new routines from Richard Osterlind!
  • +You never ever have to touch the Ghost Writer’s Box.
  • +Execution is self-working and failsafe.
  • +The box may be examined should you desire.

Side notes:

  • +The Ghost Writer’s Box is designed with the utmost quality and care.
  • +The finest hardware and hinges were used in its fabrication.
  • +The box itself is sheer elegance with a sleek black color and piano finish.
  • +You will be proud to display this wondrous prop in your showcase of treasures.
  • +You will do more than just display the GWB, you will use it!
  • +The GWB was created by Howard A. Baltus in 2002.

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Best regards,
Howard Baltus
Executive Playtoys
A division of The Trickery, LLC

The GWB made its debut at Richard Osterlind’s Mind Mysteries Seminar a couple of weeks ago. It was very well received!I’ve been having quite a bit of fun with this piece over the last several months. It plays to any audience. And by plays … I mean really plays! It is a true performance piece.
The GWB’s are being packaged today and will be ready to ship beginning tomorrow morning! Your instruction booklet will also contain a link to the new site created just for this effect. There will be a password protected forum strictly for the owners of the GWB to exchange their thoughts, ideas and presentations.
We are expecting the first run to sell quickly. The $495.00 introductory price + shipping will be held throughout the sell-through of our first run. The price will be increased for the second run.
While I am truly proud of everything I have developed, this is by far my favorite piece and will be difficult for me to top! I am pretty certain, once you see this in action and work with it a bit, you will agree!
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