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postheadericon NewsLetter – 02-02-2010

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Candles & Coins

We are now offering a manual electronic self-lighting candle that retails for a bit less than our remote controlled version.

Coin Crescendo is an old concept we decided to bring back to market. Why? It’s very visual and amazingly easy to do!

Check out the quick clip!

 A Valentine’s Day StoryValentine's Day





  Always my best, 
Howard A. Baltus 
The Trickery 

 Some of you may have read this a few years ago. The story takes place in Las Vegas and involves a handsome magician named Howard, a pretty girl named Rose and an extraordinary magician named Lance.




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Self-lighting Pillar Candle

Another pillar candle that magically lights itself!



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Coin Crescendo

An old concept that still plays today!



Teaser Ad!

Far beyond the scope of spirit slates!


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Torch to Rose

Very pretty effect for parlor or stage.



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Ulti-Rose Single Color Changing Rose

ULTI-ROSE Single  …$49.95           

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Floating Rose

As taught to David Copperfield by Kevin James.


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Rose Silk

Simple elegance!


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Napkin Rose

One of the prettiest give-aways EVER!


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Flower Bowl

The Flower Bowl is fast and startling!
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