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Richard OsterlindMr. Osterlind will be conducting intensive sessions and workshops at the MIND MYSTERIES Seminar on a broad range of subjects including, but not limited to, close-up mentalism, stage mentalism, impromptu work, stagecraft and hypnotism. Mr. Osterlind will also be available to all attendees during the Seminar for one-on-one coaching and technical assistance. 


Jim Sisti
  With his background in journalism and public relations, in addition to being the graphic designer and layout artist for all of Richard Osterlind’s recent books and effects, Mr. Sisti will be conducting a workshop on designing effective and engaging promotional materials and will be available throughout the Seminar for advice on business cards, brochures, etc.
Jon Stetson

Jon will be offering his insights into stage and platform work and will also be participating in a roundtable discussion of stage mentalism with Richard. Those of you who are familiar at all with Jon Stetson’s work should be as excited about his presence at the MIND MYSTERIES Seminar as we are!




Bob Torkova After extensive research, Mr. Torkova is in the midst of preparing a book that is sure to become the definitive biographies of mediums/clairvoyants/mentalists Charles H. Foster and Bert Reese and will be presenting a multimedia session on their billet reading techniques.  


Sandra Sisti

Ms. Sisti is an accomplished palmist and will be offering a breakout session on palm reading and how to learn a very easy palm reading system that can be used to supplement and enhance any mentalist’s skillset.






Howard Baltus

Howard’s presentation will delve into Web creation, marketing, search engine optimization and how to do it all for little or no money. For those who already have web sites, Howard will also be offering a free site analysis that will let attendees know where they rank and what they can do to improve their site.




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