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postheadericon East Coast vs. West Coast

The Great Divide


As a child I was always aware of the segregation of people. It’s not just colors or cultures, but likes and dislikes. In school there were the tough kids, the nerds, the band and choir kids, the smart kids, the not so smart kids, the sports and cheer-leading groups, the theatre group, and the druggies. Even the kids that didn’t make any social scene stuck together in their own group.


As an adult I still see this with my own group of friends at parties or events. Not surprisingly, I’ve noticed this in the magic industry or whatever magic has become. I always noticed a separation of east and west coast. There’s a different mentality and a very noticeable difference between people from CA vs. NY. I’m in no way implying that one is good and one is bad, just different. Of course I will say the food is better over here on the east coast and I don’t believe anyone will argue that with me!


Take a look at most of the magic specials that aired on television over the last few years. Most of the magicians you see on a regular basis are from the west coast or at least have migrated there. Once in a while you’ll see someone who stems from the east, but not often. And usually, it’s the same people over and over again. Realizing that Gay Blackstone, a California resident and heavily involved with the famed Magic Castle ,  puts most of the current specials together, politics and favoritism do come into play.


On the Internet, there seems to be a very strong bond between Hocus-Pocus, Penguin Magic, The Magic Cafe and Murphy’s Magic. All of these companies are also located in sunny California.  To me, even the magazines seem somewhat slighted to their perspective coasts.


While I refuse to accept this as a mere paranoia type of idiosyncrasy of mine, it could very well be…but I doubt it.

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