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postheadericon Goodbye 2009!


2009 has by far been one of the more interesting years in this business! Recession and ever changing magic industry aside, we’ve seen well known magicians arrested, good friends leave us, old magic sites vanish, new ones appear, a plethora of horrid tricks marketed and a handful of exceptional magic effects made available.


Creativity and revision are often spawned by negative happenings. I have my hand in many aspects of what we call the magic industry. Retailing, wholesaling, manufacturing and of course performing. My friends in magic come from all areas mentioned. Quite a few performing friends of mine have revised their rates or shows to work better with the current economic conditions of this country. I’ve watched the dealers offer every kind of promotional concept in order to stimulate sales.  The distributors even discounted their items, offered free shipping on select items. Some have even pulled damages from 10 years ago in an effort to raise cash. Manufacturers do smaller runs and items become phased out if they do not meet the criteria needed to make a profit.


Carrying forth as we planned more than a year ago, our line is evolving into a more selective, higher quality product line for discerning magicians. The concept has worked well for us and will enable us to bring to market many innovative effects and recreations from a time forgotten.


We very much look forward to 2010 and serving your magical wants and needs. Wishing you all health, happiness and prosperity for the new year!


Always my best,
The Trickery

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