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Blue Phantom by Magic Wagon

Blue Phantom by Magic Wagon



Blue Phantom was invented by Austrian magician and magic inventor, Hans Trunk more than four decades ago. In recent times, Owen Magic, Zauber-Zentrale and Abbott’s Magic manufactured their version of the famous trick. In 2009, one of my favorite companies, Magic Wagon, created their version of this now collectible piece of old world conjuring.


This elegantly designed version of the classic Blue Phantom has been exquisitely hand crafted by a master craftsman. Each unit demands high precision woodworking skills as well as turning skills. A combination of teak and brass is simply striking in appearance!


While I normally do not use this forum as a venue for self-promotion, I simply couldn’t resist the temptation to write about this prop. While we have two left in stock as I write this article, I have kept one aside for myself. Today was the first opportunity I had to actually sit down and look at it in person for the first time. The mechanics are well thought out and designed perfectly as with all Magic Wagon creations.  While the trick itself will puzzle an audience, using the checker-type pieces from the prop, a larger more astounding routine can easily be developed.


The effect in brief…


Seven separate checkers are stacked on the rod with the blue one at the top. They are then covered by the attractive cylinder. Upon lifting the cylinder, it is seen that the blue checker has mysteriously moved to the center of the stack! The cylinder is replaced and it once again removed only to find the blue checker has melted all the way down to the bottom of the stack! The checkers are then removed one by one and shown once again to be just seven solid and separate checkers.


At this point taking several checkers you can very easily go into a Chink-A-Chink or matrix type of routine. One in the Pocket-Two in the Hand seems to be a logical choice as well. You can segue into Block Cord and Checker X.


Back to some other key quality facts…
The beautifully turned base has a unique locking mechanism built inside rather than having to lift and lower the rod as found in the usual Blue Phantom. The mechanism has been completely re-designed and carefully handcrafted using centuries old techniques. Blue Phantom is 7” high with 3” diameter at the base.  The cover is made from brass with teak at the top. The photos really don’t do justice to how beautiful this apparatus truly is. The pleasing combination of teak and brass is very attractive. The decorative brass rod & cylinder are the finishing touch of elegance!


While the $300.00 price tag is a good outlay of cash in today’s current economy,  I have every certaintly you will be extremely pleased with this purchase.

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