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postheadericon Cup & Balls – 50 Questions

Cups & Balls -50 Questions!

Cups & Balls -50 Questions!

 Over the years, we’ve been asked every conceivable question regarding the Cups & Balls. I’ve put together the standard questions, mixed with some of my favorites. Enjoy!


1. Size? Mouth-Top-Height?
2. Will they hold a tennis ball?
3. Will they accommodate a baseball?
4. What color are the insides?
5. Do they resonate when tapped?
6. How long do they resonate when tapped?
7. Can you fit 3 balls on top of one cup?
8. Can you embed 3 balls inside one cup?
9. Will they dent or ding when tapped with a wand?
10. Do they tarnish?
11. How much do they weigh?
12. What is the spacing between them when they nest?
13. Who is the manufacturer?
14. What kind of drawstring bag do they come with?
15. What are the dimensions of the balls?
16. How many balls do you get?
17. Is a Chop Cup available for this set?
18. Are there 1, 2, or 3 beads for the border?
19. How far apart are the beads spaced?
20. Are the cups, spun, turned, or lathed?
21. Do they come in wood?
22. What kind of wood?
23. In what country are they manufactured?
24. Do the cups rock or sway when stacked?
25. Can they hold an apple, orange, or grapefruit?
26. Can they be seen from a distance on a stage?
27. How far is the distance they can be seen on a stage?
28. What’s better? Aluminum, Copper or Brass?
29. How good are the cheap plastic cups?
30. Even though Mike Rogers is gone, can you still get the mini baseballs?
31. How does Paul Gertner do the Steel Cups and Balls?
32. Did you see Penn and Teller’s See-Through Cups & Balls?
33. Can the cups hold a baby chick?
34. Where can I buy baby chicks?
35. How long before the baby chic grows too big for the cup?
36. Are Johnson’s really the best?
37. What’s the difference between all of the different versions?
38. Are the Sisti Cups still around?
39. Can you get the Paul Fox Cups?
40. Why are the Paul Fox Cups so special?
42. Do I need Ammar’s Volume 2 of Complete Cups & Balls to learn everything?
43. What kind of finish do the cups have?
44. Who is Bill Palmer?
45. What note will they resonate on?
46. What is the difference between brushed and chromed?
47. Over $300.00? Are you mad?
48. Are the balls crochet or knitted?
49. Why aren’t there instructions for this set?
50.  Why did Penn & Teller expose this?

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