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Rev Share

Rev Share


We are all in the midst of the economy’s financial pitfalls. Even if it hasn’t affected you personally, I am certain there’s a shop or restaurant that you enjoyed that is no longer there. We’ve changed some of our strategies and restructured our daily living in order to survive the long rebuilding process.


We have two wonderful ideas that will help put money back into your hands. What I’m about to describe to you works. It works well with a little effort on your part. I have offered this concept to very close friends and have also expanded this offer to their friends. These concepts are old and proven to work time and time again. I am talking about Networking and Revenue Sharing.


Networking is the art of building alliances. It’s not contacting everyone you know when you are looking for a new job and asking if they know of any job openings. Networking starts long before a job search, and you probably don’t even realize you are doing it. Meeting neighbors and friends at a party, talking to other parents at your child’s school, instant messaging or Internet sites like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn are amazing opportunities to develop sources of information that can be used to better your life and the lives of others.


Revenue sharing is also known as cost per sale, and accounts for about 80% of affiliate compensation programs.  E-commerce web site operators using revenue sharing pay affiliates a certain percentage of sales revenues (usually excluding tax, shipping and other 3rd party cost that the customer pays) generated by customers whom the affiliate refer via various advertising methods. Another form of online revenue sharing consists in people working together and registering online in a way similar to that of a corporation, and sharing the proceeds.


Many of you are aware that I offer an affiliate program through The Trickery. Most of you do not know I also own another company called WebAuthoriongs. It’s a web design and development company that was established many years ago that was started when I was the Internet Director for one of the largest catalogers in America. Both of my rev share programs are similar in that we offer a 10% commission on referrels and leads that turn into sales. Rather than taking up time and space here explaining The Trickery’s  Affiliate program, simply click here for all the details. I do have Trickery affiliates that earn more than $500 per month! It does require you to have a well designed site and of course qualified traffic. It does take time and devotion to run a successful on-line affiliate campaign.


WebAuthorings Revenue Sharing Program is quite a bit easier and will return quite a bit more money to you in a shorter amount of time. YOU  WILL  EARN 10% of our project price for each referral that turns into a sale! Fully developed, custom web sites with a proprietary administrative back end management system start at $2500.00. Right off the bat, $250.00 is yours as a referral fee! If the client selects additional custom work for the project, your revenue share also increases! Most businesses, most services, most entertainers require a web site as a part of their business. You know family and friends as well as co-workers who require these services! If you are interested in becoming a Rev Share Partner though WebAuthorings, please fill out our partner form located here. Anytime you refer a potential client to us, they will be able to reference your name as a referral. At this point, our system takes over and you will be notified that a contract has been signed by the person you referred to WebAuthorings. The day the site goes live, your commission will be sent.


If you have any questions about these two programs, please feel free to call me at 973.657.0446. I would be more than happy to take the time to speak with you.

Best regards,

Howard A. Baltus

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