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postheadericon Trickery Affiliates on Facebook

There are several ways you can market The Trickery through your affiliate membership on Facebook. It’s fun and it’s easy to do. And who knows? It could bring in some extra cash! IF you haven’t done so already, you will need to request a Trickery Affiliate ID. It takes about 3 minutes to fill our our form. The form is located here. If you want to learn more about how The Trickery’s Affiliate Network works, then click here!

1. A Post on Your Wall
Simply click in the box on your wall that states, “Write something…”
Next click on Link. You will see a text box that begins with “http://”
Type or paste the following:
(replace the xxxxx with your affiliate id)

You will see the following…

The cool thing is that all of this will automatically appear for you as if by magic!
You can select the thumbnail of choice to be displayed from the options provided.

The final thing to do is to click on the Share button and this will be posted to your wall.

You can link directly to a product of your choosing as well.
(replace the xxxxx with your affiliate id)
“8419” in thew above link is the item’s SKU number. It can be found on the detail page of any item.


2. A Note to all of your Facebook friends
Click the:
“+”  –>  “Notes”  –> “+ Write a New Note” 
Give your note a title.
Write whatever it is you’re going to write.

An example might be….

Check out The Trickery Magic Shop.
It’s a very cool place to buy unusual magic tricks for your friends, family or even yourself!
If you’re a beginner or collector, it doesn’t matter! They have it all!
Visit them at…

Next you will want to add some very basic HTML tags to make your note look a bit more upscale rather than just plain text.
<b>Check out The Trickery Magic Shop.</b>
<br />
It’s a very cool place to buy unusual magic tricks for your friends, family or even yourself!
If you’re a beginner or collector, it doesn’t matter! They have it all!
<br /> <br />
Visit them at…
<br /> <br />
<a href=”“> The Trickery</a>

The result will be…

Of course if you spent a little playtime, it will look a lot nicer. For helpful hints on HTML, there will be a link towards the bottom of your note.
It will state, “Feeling bold? Format your note“. This will give you a cheat sheet of HTML format tags to make your note look better.

Once your note is created and saved, you can share it by posting it on your wall, or sending to a select friends. You should set the status for the note to available to everyone.

From the note creation page you can also upload an image. It can be a product image or one of our logos. You can then tag various friends from the image.


You do NOT want to bombard your friends or your page with ad after ad otherwise, your friends will soon dislike you very much! When I post on my page, it’s every few days. With too much repetition, you’re words will become invisible to everyone. At some point, they don’t even see the ads anymore because they’ve become so accustomed to seeing them so often. Slow and steady wins the race!


3. Automated Blog Publishing on Facebook
I like having things happen on their own without any extra work from me! Every time I publish an article on Trickery Talk it magically appears on my Facebook page as well as other magic related sites.  It happens through an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Feed. Facebook has several applications that will pick up an RSS feed from your blog site or website. When you make a post, the app checks to see if the post is new. If it is, it automatically publishes the post to your Facebook page.


And there you have it! Three simple steps to help your affiliate efforts on Facebook!

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