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postheadericon Magic of the Heart

Magic of the Heart

This is a story about a boy named Howard, a girl named Rose and a magician named Lance.
I am of course referring to Lance Burton.
It was sometime back in late 1992 when I decided it was time to propose to Rose. I was always of the mindset that if you are going to do something worth doing, do it big! I had several ideas about the way that I would propose.


The first was to hire a marching band that would play outside her house. A limo would pull up and I would announce my desires from standing atop the limo through a PA system.


The second was to have dozens of florists make deliveries to her home all day long and at sunset, make an entrance in a grand way and do my thing! Thank God, I didn’t have to resort to either of these!


I wrote a letter to Lance Burton explaining my intentions. The letter was worded in a funny off-beat way that caused me to think after having sent it, that there was no chance in hell that Lance would take it seriously. Much to my surprise he did. Lance wrote back to me and gave me the backstage phone number. I was to call his staff and work the details with them.


On Valentine’s Day, 1993 Rose and I headed to Las Vegas. I told her I won a contest from work for an all expense paid trip. This happened once before so it wasn’t too difficult to believe. Coincidentally, we were booked at the Hacienda where Lance was performing.


That night we picked up tickets to his show. We were seated front row center stage. About an hour into the show, Lance came out into the audience and said it was time to do a little mind reading. He needed someone to help him. After mingling with the audience a while, he approached Rose and asked her to help. He brought Rose up on stage and asked her to let her mind go blank. He took a clipboard and began to write her thoughts. He asked what November 29th, 1969 meant to her. She exclaimed, “I turned one year old!” He then asked about the name Collins. Rose replied that was our bunny’s name. Rose, who usually has a clue about how these things work was thinking at this point, “Damn, he’s good!” He then told her he saw diamonds and gold and asked what she did for a living. “I work for a jewelry manufacturer!”, she said.


Lance then said he was getting one final name… Howard. Rose replied that Howard is her boyfriend. He asked if Howard was here with her tonight. She said yes and pointed towards me. At that moment the spotlights came down on me and Lance explained to Rose that she had been set up! The urge to vomit finally passed on my end and Lance called me up on the stage. He told Rose that I had something important to ask her.


The pictures tell the rest of the story. Obviously, Rose said yes! Lance and his crew gave us a bottle of Dom on ice and we enjoyed an incredible stay in Vegas that week!Every few years I decide to share this story with our readers and visitors. Why? Because there is a real magic; it’s the magic inside your heart. If you allow yourself to open this secret passage-way every once in a while, it can make life very sweet.

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