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postheadericon Top 10 Questions Asked Over the Years

Top 10 Questions

These are some of my favorite questions from over the years.
And in no particular order… 

1. How does David Blaine levitate…black magic or white magic?

2. I want to buy a dove trick. I heard that doves have no bones and they can be folded into a small package…is this true?

3. I read that floating a cigarette is done with magnets and that there’s a new magnet that will allow you to smoke the cigarette and the magnet. Do you carry smokable magnets?

4. I saw on the Internet that there is a pill you can take that will make you levitate…do you guys sell that pill?

6. How much money can you make with Mikame’s Money Printer and will any paper you put in turn to real money that I can spend? 

7. Where am I calling? How did I get your number?

8. When will you post another Shari Video?

9. Help for Learn To Levitate Dvd (#5866) do you acuatulally levitate  

10. It’s 2am. Why doesn’t anyone answer the phones?

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