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Big Bad Wolf!

With permission, I decided to reprint the following letter I received today. It’s from my good friend George Robinson from Viking/Collector’s Workshop.
I will follow up with several posts in the next few days.

Dear Friend,

I am sorry to bother you with such details but we all need to continue to help each other in the fight against the blatant rip-offs going on. Here is another example: Random Magic is running ads on their ‘new’ prediction watch line. This is a blatant copy of our Original Perfect Time. The only difference is where the switch is located to start the hands moving. The problem is the system, motor; effect are all 100% Collectors’ Workshop’s original effect. It’s a matter of semantics as to where the button is.

Please refrain from buying and supporting people that do not add anything to the Magic industry. Copying does not add anything to improve the product or service, etc. Anyone can make a cheaper version of an effect, but do they have the right to? Morally, I say no. I have no problems with someone that improves an effect far beyond the original but so far all those that are copying Viking/CW items (or anyone else’s items) are simply that, making cheap copies and adding nothing to the mix.

Voice your outrage to the magazines that allow these ads to exist. Let everyone know that the ethical dealers in this small Magic community are not for sale, that we all have integrity and that we support original thought. If you simply look at the Magic being produced today you will agree that (with little exception) there is really very little ‘original’ out there. Most are rehashes of the Elmsley Count or the Mirror Box, or Perfect Time, or Cornelius’ Perfect Pen or Chazpro’ s Di-Cipher, or the Gumball Machine, et al. Protect those that create and you will see a resurgence of ORIGINAL IDEAS, I guarantee it!

Thank you as always, for your time and consideration. I look forward to presenting new and original effects for you and your customers, but need your support to do so. Viking-Haenchen has been around for over 76 years and we have lasted because we care about the Magic community and support all the things that are right with it. We couldn’t do it though without your help.


George Robinson Jr.-VMCW, LLC

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