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postheadericon Conventions: A Thing of the Past

The Lonely Convention

Are they or are they not? That is the question. Every dealer I know has said conventions aren’t what they used to be just a few years ago.
My theory…

The magic enthusiasts that have enjoyed the magic convention scene for years are slowly becoming extinct. The kids today know the Internet, dvds, and downloads, but most don’t know of conventions and live lectures. Maybe in today’s economy and the U.S. dollar being worse than Canada could have something to do with it. I have to lean towards the kids. Like it or not they are the future of magic.

From what I’ve gathered none of the U.S. conventions cater to the kids. Some years ago in NYC, the SAM ran one of their nationals. In walks David Blaine and his entourage. No tickets – no entry. They were not permitted to stay. BIG mistake. Imagine the excitement and press having announced that David was in attendance. Surely a draw for any future conventions.

The talent advertised means nothing to the kids; old names from days gone by. Even Daryl, Ammar, and Roth are tired names when it comes to the kids.

I have not seen the national organizations or the bigger U.S. convention organizers do anything to change the structure of these magic events. Someone should.

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