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Be Part of the Magic

postheadericon Why I am Doing This?

Me!Ya know…I can’t figure out the reason I decided to write my own blog. For years I’ve read the blogs that other magic dealers post. I’ve been to what was once called BBS’s that seem to have dominated the magic scene on-line. I swore I would not be a part of this culture. I also swore the same thing when i-Pods arrived on the market. I caved!

I have decided, at least for now, not to structure this as I normally structure almost everything in my life. I think……….be back…phone is ringing. 
7:30pm and I’m still answering Trickery phones! I do need a life! Where was I? Oh…
I think that this site will ultimately be filled with advice, theory on magic, amusing stories and anecdotes, rants and raves about aspects of the magic industry, and pretty much anything that happens to come to mind…be it magic related or not. I haven’t decided if I will allow the occasional curse word to sneak in or not. Maybe not so professional to do so, but it is real and it is me! Against my better judgement, I will allow comments from you guys. And of course, if I don’t like your comments, I will edit the crap out of them to make them read well!

So now that I’ve written my introductory blog (I really hate that word blog!), it’s time to find a look and feel for this site.

Until whenever…

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