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postheadericon Phenomenon on NBC

Phenomenon on NBC

I really thought the refrigerator light that turns off when a player is voted off The Biggest Loser was lame…that is until Phenomenon aired tonight. I can accept American Idol and maybe at best one or two other reality shows.  At least The Biggest Loser accomplishes something and reminds America that we have an obesity epidemic.  Phenomenon succeeded at reminding America that magicians, dare I say mentalists, appear as a pathetic excuse for people  that really need to spend more time learning how to make friends and socialize in society. Carmen held my attention due to her nice body and short skirt.

No doubt there will be someone asking on the Magic Cafe where to buy nail guns and a plank of wood. 
I’ll indulge you…Ace Hardware.  Morbid curiosity will have me mentally preparing for the next episode. My prediction? It’s days are numbered.

Blatent Trickery Promotion…The Daring Spring Trap as seen on Phenomenon can be found here!

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