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postheadericon Behind the Scenes of the Magic Biz II

Free Shipping

Do we offer Free Shipping? Yes…on United States orders of $200.00 or more! We realize that there may be a couple of smaller shops who offer free shipping on everything, however they sell mostly packet tricks, coin tricks or items that can be put in the mail for a buck or two. We offer an extensive line of magic including large stage props to full size illusions. The cost of shipping these types of items is greater than a buck or two and cannot be absorbed without increasing the price of our items.

As an example, we spent around $15,000.00 on shipping costs the first six months of 2004. That’s quite a bit of money to discard.We plan to be in business a very long time.

Most of the shops that offered free shipping are no longer operating. We ship mostly with FedEx in the U.S. Your package is insured and can be easily tracked on-line.

While all shipping carriers have their share of mishaps, the U.S. post office is by far the worst. We use to ship mostly this way many years ago. I remember one holiday season it took two weeks for several orders to arrive only a few towns away. That’s when i contracted with FedEx. They’ve been the most reliable.
With the oil crisis in the U.S. prices have risen to an outrageous price. FedEx and UPS have increased their rates with something called a Fuel Surcharge.

Effective February 7, 2005, the surcharge percentage for FedEx Ground services will be subject to monthly adjustment based on a rounded average of the national U.S. on-highway average price for a gallon of diesel fuel.”
Through September 4, 2005: 2.75%
Effective September 5, 2005: 3.00%
Air and International
Through September 4, 2005: 9.50%
Effective September 5, 2005: 9.50%”

So where I am going with all of this? Full service magic shops that offer extensive lines geared to all magicians will charge for shipping. The smaller outfits will at some point increase their prices, charge shipping or simply disappear!

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