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postheadericon Behind the Scenes of the Magic Biz IV


This is the part where I can brag a bit! The Trickery was the first magic shop to run on-line demonstrations beginning July 1998 under the name ShowTheatre.

Over 3 years ago, we went to Digital Cheetah and asked them to take over for us. Absolutely no one in this industry comes close to the technology employed by The Trickery. Our technology is cutting edge and offers more features than any other magic shop currently on-line. Some of these features include:  
o An interactive wishlist which will allow you to send your list to anyone. They can then purchase the items directly from your list. Each time a purchase is made, the item will be checked as ‘purchased’ from your list.
o Customer notification on orders placed in the system, FedEx Tracking, order shipment acknowledgement, customer registration ackowledgement, updated order acknowledgment.
o Our system keeps a complete record of your purchase history.
o Our site informs you if an item is available or if it is out of stock.
o Trickery eNews keeps you abreast of promotions, new items, featured effects and updates through email.
o The Trickery Tribune features product and site information.
o Our F.A.Q. is an interactive database that allows you to post questions about any of our items and services.
o Beginner’s Magic is a comprehensive web site that comprises over 600 of our items that are EZ TO DO tricks that require no skill.
o The Trickery’s Magic Boutique sections features nothing but high-end props from well known manufacturers known to collectors and those who fancy the better made magic.
o The Trickery’s Download section features high-impact commercial effects that you can do.
o Our Affiliate Network allows those with nicely designed magic related web sites to sell our wares for a profit on every sale made through their site. IF you have a high-traffic site, you should take advantage of this money making offer!
o For your viewing pleasure, you can choose from different formats the way product pages are displayed to you. Concise View offers a text only view. Gallery View offers fewer items on the page with larger images. Normal View displays the standard layout of 10 items per page. You can also view each category alphabetically or by most recent additions.
o We were the first magic site on-line that employed a system that will not allow you to order items that were out of stock. Our systems also showed whether an item was in stock or on backorder from the manufacturer. My background in business is extensive in retailing and Internet. I managed two deep discount drug chains, Drug Emporium and Pharmor; both of which are no longer in business today. They couldn’t profit due to low margins. I was an Internet Director for a large catalog company for many years. They could not meet the demands placed on them and ultimately filed Chapter 11 and eventually closed. It was always my philosophy to take care of the people who take care of you. We spend an incredible amount of time with our customers to assure they receive exactly what they are looking to purchase. We advise, guide and place a large value on every customer we do business with, no matter the size of their order. Honesty and integrity is what was instilled to me by my parents. This is the first and foremost way any business should be run.

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