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As the gray traces of dawn tinge the eastern summer sky in Philadelphia a child was born. Little did his parents know seven years he would become infected with an incurable virus known as The Magic Bug. Friends of his parents bought him a magic kit and the rest was history.

OK…enough of writing in the third person….too weird! At nine years old I was performing shows  all around Philly. At ten, I was employed by Burger Doodle, a lame knock-off of McDonalds that catered kids parties. I became their house magician. For several years I worked 3-5 gigs every weekend. I made good money for a kid! Most of it went right back into magic props and books.  

Back then Daytona Magic was located in Philly, Nat Litt, Jack Channin, and Lee Gray were the some of the largest shops in the country…all located right in my back yard!

Back to writing in the third person…
As the years progressed, Howard adapted his skills in other areas of magic. He learned sleight of hand and focused on Close-up Magic. He also studied Stage Craft and created larger stage shows for his clients. At age 16, Howard took a break from magic to pursue his other passion; music.

In 1989, Howard moved from Philadelphia to Hackensack, NJ. As an escape from reality, he turned back to magic. After a year of practicing and building up a large inventory of illusions, Howard again turned to performing. This time the venues were more diverse; stage presentations, corporate functions, children’s shows, strolling magic, and street magic.

In 1994, Howard established The Trickery, a large mail order business that has become very successful selling to beginners right up to professionals. What began as a part-time business with 35 items now houses over 3000 items and is managed by a staff of 4-6. Learn more about The Trickery below.

Today, Howard still find the time to perform and entertain thoughout the tri-state area and occasionally back in his home town of Philadelphia.

About The Trickery
The Trickery has been doing business on-line for 18 years. We started doing flea markets in the summer of ’94 with just 35 products. The items were mostly the things most magicians start out doing – Nickels to Dimes, Professor’s Nightmare, Thumb Tips, Svengali Decks and the like. We printed up a mini catalog that was originally done on a typewriter. We decided it was time to enter the world of desktop publishing. We bought a computer. I should really say I bought the computer while my wife was out of town on business. That was the only way to do it! After many trying nights, accidental deletion of files, trial and more notably error, our first real mini catalog was complete. The next step was simple, open a web site and go on-line. The problem was that I didn’t know how to go about that. None of my friends knew anything about creating pages. I bought a program and book and taught myself HTML. This was a long and invaluable learning experience. After many months, The Trickery was born. Things back then weren’t as graphic as today. I think Netscape Version 2.0 had just come onto the market. There also was not the vast array of virtual magic shops that you can find today. That’s OK. Free enterprise makes the world go round…and means better prices for the consumer.

Our site has been through many looks and design changes. It stands today as one of the most functional magic sites on the net. It is easy to navigate, our search engine is most accurate, you can check the status of your order on-line, and it is secured for ordering. We were the first magic shop to run on-line demos…and proud of this accomplishment! Our products are extremely commercial, practical, and well picked. We don’t just buy anything! Currently, we carry close to 3000 items – 90% of which are stocked!

Today, we take part in local magic conventions, sell our wares mostly through on-line orders, and have a magic studio that is open by appointment only.

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